Here’s why your office should have onsite security personnel

Offices these days mostly rely on sensors, biometric systems, access control systems and surveillance systems to keep workplace crimes under check. Even with all the electronic security systems in place, workplaces often witness violent crimes, theft, espionage and even cases of inappropriate behaviour.

So, how can you keep all of the above from happening at your office?

Well, you can keep security concerns at bay and your workforce in line by taking help from companies that offer onsite security personnel.


Well, to reap the following benefits –

Your office will be kept from witnessing workplace crimes

Collaborate with the best security guard company in Mumbai and let your office remain safe from witnessing workplace crimes.

Workplace violence is a trend that has been taking place for a while in developed nations but in recent years, business hubs of developing nations like India are also becoming the witness of this violent trend.

Excessive stress and loss of work-life balance are some of the contributing factors but whatever the case may be, when your office has onsite security personnel, your place of business will never fall prey to violence – this is guaranteed!

Onsite security personnel are more efficient when it comes to handling security issues

Onsite security personnel are the first line of defence for an office even when the place of business is equipped with all the latest sensors, ACS and surveillance systems.

A machine can only do much whereas humans can do more.

For instance, sensors, access control systems and surveillance systems cannot detect whether a person or a group of persons will become a security issue by paying close attention to their conversations and body language.

Onsite security personnel are trained to read people and sift out problem-makers from a crowd. Hence, having onsite security personnel at your office will help your place of business to handle security issues more efficiently.

The response time of onsite security personnel will be quicker than the authorities

On-site security personnel will be able to quickly respond to a security concern even before the onsite electronic security systems in your office can alert the authorities.

For example – in case the onsite electronic security systems at your office pick up rowdy behaviour from your customers before the situation gets out of hand, the team of on-site security personnel can reach the point of the event and take the perpetrator(s) away from the scene, subdue them and place them under their custody before the authorities arrive.

As per the opinion of a spokesperson associated with Complete Solutions – one of the top security guard companies in Mumbai, when your office will be under the protection of both electronic security systems as well as onsite security personnel, ill-doers will think twice before creating a ruckus!


For complete security solutions, you need expert assistance from revered security service providers like Complete Solutions – one among the top 10 security companies in Mumbai. The company has been time and again hailed as one of the leading security solutions providers in Mumbai. The company offers trained security personnel who can protect your office against both internal and external security threats. For more information pertaining to the range of services the company offers, you would need to visit the corporate office of Complete Solutions that is located at A- 102, 1st Floor, Vinay Bhavya Complex, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai. You can also contact the spokesperson(s) of the company by giving them a call at their official number (+91 7744054644) or by sending an email at

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