Female security guards in mumbai

Will Female Security Services Ever Rule the World?

The biggest problem that women face while entering the security industry is stereotypes. Traditionally security industry has always been a male dominated world but in recent years, we have seen a very positive impact in this sector. By diversifying the workforce and forming the skilled workforce, the security of any organization can be more balanced and effective.

A woman does not have to be a professional wrestler to enter this industry. However, it is necessary to be mentally alert and physically fit, physical strength is not the only requirement in this industry.  It is very important to have good communication skills, observational skills, and decision-making abilities. Both-male and female security guards need to be honest and dedicated. Women are and will always be a great asset to the security industry. But what makes them so important?

Let’s see what makes woman stand out from men in the security industry

  • Ability to handle conflicts

Women by nature can usually handle conflicts in a very calm manner. This can lead to lesser violent outcomes especially when the initiators are male. Women have a political negotiation style which can aid in resolving a conflict


  • Ability to go where males cannot

Female security guards can go to places where the males cannot, such as the washrooms and the dressing rooms.

They can also physically examine women in large events


  • Special jobs

Women travelling for work or travel at night hire female bouncers for safety. Their families also feel relieved when they know that their loved ones are safe


 The world is changing, and we at Complete Solutions are encouraging women to enter into the security industry as it is a great place for women to display their key strengths and nurture a fulfilling career. 

At Complete Solutions we support women empowerment. To know more please contact us on +91 7744054644 or sales@completesolutions.co.in

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